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The monumental setting accompanies us on a path that starts from the great immigration to the northern cities of the late Fifties, up to the disengagement that shaped the Eighties. We will see the cities and countryside changing their profiles (The Boom), the advent of consumerism ("Carosello" ), the conquest of free time and mass holidays (Overtanned), the female emancipation (Stupendous Thought) and of the youth (The Surf Army), social claims and student movements (There was a boy like me), the Catholics and Lay people contraposition (God is dead) the workers' struggles (Countess), the terrorism years (The locomotive), the born of free radios (Rebel music), the raise of the discos (Saturday night fever) to conclude with the "ebb" of the early Eighties (Splendid resplendent) which eventually closes one age.

As a constant counterpoint, 100 Italian musical masterpieces, selected in the repertoire of that period, constitute a key to reading and deepening. A "pas de deux" between music and society, where lifestyles, fashions, interpersonal relationships and even social issues themselves are influenced by each other and vice versa.

The iconographic repertoire, accompanying the exhibition, comes in part from the priceless Publifoto IntesaSanpaolo archives and in part from the historical archive of "il Resto del Carlino", whose images, intended for newspapers, magazines and illustrated weekly magazines of the time, are able to return the gaze of the news photojournalists and their great ability to represent the multiple Italian realities in an acute, profound and precise way.

From the "Boom" to the 1982 football's world cup conquer, the history of Italy is reflected in pop music

La Stampa

A great fresco of a transforming Italy


Songs capable of going far beyond the moment of listening, capturing the visitor's intimate and bringing out reflections, thoughts and emotions.

Style, Corriere della Sera

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Mostra Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette
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