Palazzo Belloni Bologna

29.11.2019 - 12.04.2020

Urban Trekking

Walks on the trail of the pioneers and the great protagonists of the seven notes in Bologna

A tour led and designed by Franz Campi, presenter, radio host, author of numerous pop songs, for the opera, for the little ones and TV theme songs, which for years has embraced the formula of theater-song bringing on stage shows dedicated to great artists and performers.
In collaboration with:

ComunicaMente Bologna
Conservatorio GB Martini Bologna


  • Friday, January 10, 5.45pm
  • Saturday, January 11, 10.30am
  • Saturday, January 18, 10.30am
  • Saturday, February 08, 10.30am

Meeting point: via Farini 7 (crossroad with Cavour square)

Vasco Rossi, Francesco Guccini, Lucio Dalla, Gianni Morandi, Andrea Mingardi, Claudio Lolli, Luca Carboni, Cesare Cremonini, gli Stadio, Samuele Bersani, Lo Stato Sociale...

The names of many great artists connect directly to Bologna. Is this why music comes immediately to mind when you talk about the city? Is this why Bologna has even received the prestigious Unesco award? There is so much more: behind the "big names" of nowadays, there is a very rich history of musicians, creatives, intellectuals, out-of-school students, entrepreneurs, record producers, collectives and associations, free radios.

You will discover it by taking a walk with one of its protagonists, which will lead you to the places where the different music was born and the artists left their sign: the great concerts, the Academies, the Conservatory, the recording studios, the dance clubs, the cellars of the bands, the festivals, the record shops... A colorful and unpredictable mosaic of circumstances that have favoured the development of a "brand" now known to the experts and the general public: Bologna city of music!

Many stories told right there, where the facts took place, where the sparks have turned on and from the seed has sprouted beautiful events that filled our country and the world with notes.


Rservation is compulsory
Min. 10 - Max 30 partecipants
Duration: 1h 30'
Cost: 25€ including an "Open" ticket to the "NOI. Non erano solo canzonette" exhibition (usable on any date until the end of the exhibition)

  051-5061147 (mon-fri from 10am to 4pm)

Exhibition "NOI"

Palazzo Belloni, Bologna


Monday-Tuesday: visita riservata a gruppi e scuole
Wednesday-Friday: 14-20
Saturday: 10-22
Sunday: 10-21

Via de' Gombruti, 13/a, 40123 BOLOGNA BO
From November 29th 2019 to 12 aprile 2020

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Mostra NOI Bologna

Mostra Noi Bologna

BOLOGNA | Palazzo Belloni
29.11.19 - 12.04.20

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Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette
Palazzo Belloni, Via de' Gombruti, 13/a - 40123 Bologna.
Dal 29/11/2019 al 12/04/2020.