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12.07.20 - 11.10.20


Educational workshops are organized by
ComunicaMente Bologna
in collaborazione con Franz Campi

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Laboratory: € 100 per group + entrance ticket (€ 5 / ticket)

Great care has been taken in developing the educational project with a proposal articulated in four workshops, carried out under the guidance of exceptional musicians-popularizers, who will help the students to get the basic knowledge in a participatory way useful for understanding the exhibition and reflect on the relationship between the past and the present on the continuity / break axis, comparing their experience with that of past generations.

To avoid notional dispersions, the laboratories, which are calibrated on the analytical skills of the different age groups, will be monographic on topics and documents represented in the exhibition, even contemplating a part of the general framework to the themes of the exhibition. The activity, in fact, includes a first interactive didactic part and a second one, with the actual visit to the exhibition, where to the children will be given the opportunity to live the experience according to their own individual interpretation.

The songs of the "young"

Laboratory duration: 90 minutes

Recipients: lower secondary school

Until the "boom" years, children used to pass directly to the world of adults. Now, for the first time in history, a new social category is created: "the young", which affirms its own tastes and behaviors, accentuating in the lifestyle the difference that separates them from the old generations (the "matusas"). Through some pieces of music the students will be led along a path of deepening on young people as recipients of existential, political and "commercial" messages.


Laboratory duration: 90 minutes

Recipients: lower secondary school

In the years of the "economic miracle" a great mass of Italians discovered well-being for the first and, with it, the frequentation of new consumption. The market intervenes to shape identities, behaviors, even existential choices.
Advertising indulges itself to promote a vast range of products, occupying all the available media: newspapers, magazines, radio and, since 1954, television, which soon became the most powerful tool for cultural homogenization and dissemination of behaviors and new lifestyles.

Political violence

Laboratory duration: 90 minutes

Recipients: secondary school

The songs, analyzed here as a narration and creation of myths, return a decade, that of the seventies, characterized by a dimension of political conflict that contemplates the use of violence. In a phase of acute social crisis and political instability, both on the right and on the left there are opening fronts characterized by the use of terrorist violence as the only strategic line, which replaced the normal and physiological instruments of political struggle adopted in democratic systems, with weapons, attacks and massacres.

The "new" women

Laboratory duration: 90 minutes

Recipients: secondary school

With the decline of the sexophobic and Puritan obsessions of the 1950s, the emancipation of costumes and the leading role of women become two key elements of the "great transformation". It is the moment of the break with the traditional image of the angel of the hearth and of the tumultuous entry of women into the public space of citizenship and politics. Through some songs, and their interpreters, a path will be drawn on the perception of women's self until the years of the sexual revolution to outline a genre autobiography.

Info and bookings
tel. +39.051.5061147 (lun-ven dalle 10.00 alle 16.00)


Mostra Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette
Musei Civici di Palazzo Mosca
Museo Nazionale Rossini

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Dal 12/07/2020 al 11/10/2020.