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Palazzo Belloni Bologna

29.11.2019 - 12.04.2020

Times and info


  • Full: 12,00€
    Tutti gli individuali
  • Reduced: 10,00€
    People with disabilities, Over 65, law enforcement officers not in service, employees of the Municipality of Bologna, teachers of all types and levels upon presentation of an identification document.
  • Special reduction: 8,00€
    Bologna Welcome Card and Bologna Metropolitan Museums Card holders, COOP Members, existing agreements (list of conventions to follow).
  • Young Ticket: 5,00€
    Children / teenagers from 6 to 17 years old
  • Family Ticket: 20,00€
    Families composed of 2 adults + maximum three children / teenagers from 6 to 17 years old
  • Free: 0,00€
    Children under the age of 6, tourist guides enabled with an identification card, official teaching guides upon delivery of the name list, two guides for each school group, a companion for the disabled who present needs, journalists accredited by the Press Office of the Exhibition, tourist guides (upon presentation of a professional qualification card), members of the supervisory commission and fire brigade (upon presentation of a non-nominative card).
  • Open regular: 14,00€
    Open date up to the day before the exhibition closure - valid from the day following the date of purchase
  • Open “skip the queue”: 16,00€
    Open date up to the day of the exhibition closure - valid from the moment of purchase and for immediate entry.

The ticket office closes 60 minutes before the last entry

Presale fee: 1.50 €

Acquista biglietto

Opening time

  • Monday and Tuesday: Visit reserved for groups and schools
  • Wednesday - Friday: 14:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Sunday and holidays: 10:00 – 21:00

The ticket office closes 60 minutes before the last entry



For general info about the Exhibition, groups and individual adults bookings.


Palazzo Belloni
Via de' Gombruti, 13/a
40123 Bologna BO



How much does the visit to the exhibition last?
The overall experience lasts between sixty and ninety minutes, but there is no limit, you can stay as much as you wish.
Can photographs be taken?
Yes, but the use of flash is prohibited.
Can I visit the exhibition bringing my dog?
Yes, small dogs can enter but in the owners' arms.
Is the exhibition equipped with a cafeteria?
Can I visit the show with my son in the stroller?
Yes, it is possible.


Can I reach the show by public transport?
Yes, the location is easily accessible by public transport.
Does the venue have a private parking?
No, but the area adjacent to the exhibition has paid parking facilities.


If I buy a ticket with advance sale can I avoid the incoming queue?
Yes, if you buy an Open "skip the line" ticket, you have the right to a dedicated lane. It is however good to show up a quarter of an hour before the selected entry time.
How can I avoid waiting and waiting otherwise?
Presenting yourself on show from Wednesday to Friday you will find a flow of visitors certainly lower than the weekend. Moreover, early afternoon is certainly more suitable to avoid waiting. It is also good to avoid the last days of opening of the exhibition, when the flow of visitors increases considerably.
What is the OPEN Ticket?
The Open Date Ticket (OPEN) gives you the opportunity to enter once on the show on any opening day, up to the end of the exhibition


Is there a wardrobe service?
Palazzo Belloni has no guarded wardrobe. However, there is a storage room in which to store coats and overcoats, as well as trolleys and suitcases, as access to the exhibition with these objects is prohibited.


What floor is the exhibition set up for?
Ticket office and exhibition are on the ground floor, the entire path of the exhibition develops on the same floor.
The exhibition is completely accessible to the disabled and are there equipped toilets?
Is it possible to rent wheelchairs at the exhibition?
No, there is no such possibility.


Can I access the bookshop without entering the exhibition?
Yes, it is possible to access the bookshop even without visiting the connected exhibition.


Il contenuto della mostra è adatto ad ogni fascia d'età?
Chi può ricevere la riduzione scuola?
Una scolaresca è composta da un minimo di 15 studenti paganti e può arrivare ad un massimo di 29 persone in totale, incluse le gratuità. Soltanto i gruppi composti da studenti della scuola primaria e secondaria hanno diritto alla tariffa scuole.
La scolaresca ha l’obbligo di prenotazione?
Sì, utilizzando i predisposti canali di prenotazione.
Sono previste attività di laboratorio per le scolaresche?
Si, scopri tutta l’offerta per la didattica.
Is the content of the exhibition suitable for all ages?
Who can receive the school reduction?
A school group consists of a minimum of 15 paying students and can reach a maximum of 29 people in total, including two free tickets for teachers. Only groups composed of primary and secondary school students are entitled to the school fee.
Does the school have the reservation required?
Yes, using the provided booking channels.
Are there any laboratory activities for schools?
Yes, discover all the didactic offer.

Exhibition "NOI"

Palazzo Belloni, Bologna


Monday-Tuesday: visita riservata a gruppi e scuole
Wednesday-Friday: 14-20
Saturday: 10-22
Sunday: 10-21

Via de' Gombruti, 13/a, 40123 BOLOGNA BO
From November 29th 2019 to 12 aprile 2020

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Mostra NOI Bologna

Mostra Noi Bologna

BOLOGNA | Palazzo Belloni
29.11.19 - 12.04.20

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Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette
Palazzo Belloni, Via de' Gombruti, 13/a - 40123 Bologna.
Dal 29/11/2019 al 12/04/2020.