Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette


12.07.20 - 10.01.21


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The Exhibition Catalogue:
NOI. Non erano solo canzonette

curated by Gianpaolo Brusini, Giovanni De Luna, Lucio Salvini

A poetic and exciting reading, able to involve both those who lived that years firsthand, as well as the younger generations, in a common path of immersion in our collective memory.

From the great immigration to the North of the late Fifties up to the disengagement that addressed the Eighties, the historical narrative is divided into twelve thematic areas to touch every aspect of social life, costumes, news, work and changes in the ethical and moral conventions of those years. A "pas de deux" between music and society, where lifestyles, fashions, interpersonal relationships and even the social issues themselves are influenced by each other and vice versa.

A constant counterpoint is an iconographic repertoire of over 200 images, mostly from the Publifoto / QN archives, and the philology of each of the 100 musical works that make up the playlist of the exhibition. Philologies that incorporate, extending and deepening them, those disseminated along the exhibition path. Appropriate Spotify QR codes, characteristic of each single thematic area, will also allow reading accompanied by listening to the music in high definition.

Realized by the curators of the exhibition, Gianpaolo Brusini, Giovanni De Luna and Lucio Salvini, the volume is characterized by the great historical-scientific rigor and the strong didactic-educational imprint, and is completed with the contributions of figures of high prestige in the intellectual artistic panorama. such as Fabri Fibra, Marco Tullio Giordana, Vittorio Nocenzi and Omar Pedrini.

Mostra Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette
Musei Civici di Palazzo Mosca
Museo Nazionale Rossini

Pesaro PU

Dal 12/07/2020 al 10/01/2021.