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Noi. Non erano solo canzonette

The years that have revolutionized the social, ethical and economic systems of Italy, told by the Music that has been able to talk their language, describe the facts, breathe their atmosphere and return their feelings.

I think, such a dream will never return

From the wide-open arms of Domenico Modugno on the stage of Sanremo Festival '58 to those of Paolo Rossi on the night of Madrid '82 which consecrated Italy as world champion, the exhibition proceeds chronologically to touch every aspect of social life, of costumes, of chronicles, of work and of changes in the ethical and moral beliefs of those years.

The iconographic repertoire, mostly unpublished, restores the look of the news photographers and their great skills in representing the difficulties of the Italian reality. As a constant counterpoint, 100 Italian musical masterpieces are a tool for exploring and interpreting that path of growth and transformation.

Patronized by FIMI, RAI, SCF and SIAE, the exhibition is produced by Bibibus Events, and is curated by Gianpaolo Brusini, Giovanni De Luna, Lucio Salvini, with the participation of Fabri Fibra, Vittorio Nocenzi, Giorgio Olmoti and Omar Pedrini , to guarantee its historical-scientific rigor and a strong didactic imprint.

An immersive exhibition that will be staged at Palazzo Belloni in Bologna from November 29th 2019 to April 12th 2020.
A pas de deux between music and society, in which lifestyles, fashions, interpersonal relationships and even social needs are influenced by each other.

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Noi. Non erano solo canzonette

Noi. Non erano solo canzonette

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Mostra NOI. Non erano solo canzonette
Palazzo Belloni, Via de' Gombruti, 13/a - 40123 Bologna.
Dal 29/11/2019 al 12/04/2020.